Introductory post

John Lyon for Arizona State Senate–American Government for the American People!

 I am a US Army veteran with a master’s degree in History from Arizona State University.  I am seeking the Republican nomination for a seat in the Arizona State Senate from Legislative District 30.  LD30 lies mostly between Dunlap Avenue and Van Buren Street, and between 19th Avenue and 43rd Avenue, with an additional northwestern section which mostly uses Grand Avenue as a southwestern border and extends from 43rd Avenue and Camelback Road to Olive Avenue and 71st Avenue.  You can find a map of Arizona’s legislative districts at the Redistricting Commission’s website:

The election will be held Tuesday, 30 August 2016, and will be open to voters registered as Republicans, Independents, or Party Not Determined.

My legislative priorities would include:

  • Replacing “weapons free” zones with second amendment zones
  • Privatizing and phasing out Welfare State programs in Arizona
  • Privatizing our expensive public schools
  • Abolishing the state income tax
  • Defending Arizona’s southern border using Arizona law enforcement
  • Blocking any NAFTA Superhighway through our state
  • Supporting a convention of states to propose amendments to the US Constitution to limit federal power and balance the budget

I will not accept any bundled or PAC money.  Please send personal checks or money orders totaling $160 or less ($320 for married couples, but both husband and wife must sign the check) to:

John Lyon for Arizona State Senate
5610 W. Belmont Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301

Please include your name, address, occupation and employer.  Call (623) 853-5661 or e-mail with questions.  I will spend contributed money for advertising and professional services for my campaign, not for any personal use.

I am running as a Clean Elections candidate.  I need to raise 250 $5 qualifying contributions in order to receive public funding for my campaign.  Please visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s website to make a contribution on line:  Click on the E-Qual button in the middle of the page, and enter my name.  You must be registered to vote and reside in Legislative District 30 in order to make a Clean Elections qualifying contribution.

Thank You,
John J. Lyon—American Government for the American People!

Paid for by John Lyon for Arizona State Senate


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