About Me

John Lyon for Arizona State Senate–American Government for the American People!

My first home was in Orono, Maine, where I was born and raised until the age of twelve.  My family moved to Arizona in 1970—Glendale has been my home of record ever since.

After being graduated from Glendale High School, I earned an associate’s degree from Glendale Community College, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University, and a master’s degree in History from Arizona State University.

Following a four year enlistment in the US Army, I did substitute teaching and custodial work for a number of years, and served seven years in the US Army Reserve.  I now work as a security guard.  I am an elected Precinct Committeeman from the Manistee Precinct, and am a proud member of the Arizona branch of Convention of States.

Why I’m running for the Arizona State Senate:

I believe that Arizona has suffered needlessly as a result of half a century of unwise, unsustainable federal policies in the areas of Open Borders, Free Trade, Welfare State, Funny Money and Debt, and Foreign Interventionism.  Rather than just standing around waiting for Congress to enact better policies, we Arizonans should do all we can on our own behalf.

My goal as a legislator will be to make Arizona the best possible place for people who live within the law and pay their own way.  I feel that government at all levels should make such people their top priority.


American Government for the American People!

Paid for by John Lyon for Arizona State Senate


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Steven R. Isham says:

    I enjoyed reviewing your website and writings. I hope that the Tea Party and the Republican party are supporting your efforts.

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