Nothing better demonstrates the un-American character of the modern federal government than its immigration policies over the last forty seven years.  In 2005, the Government Accounting Office estimated that about 27% of inmates of federal prisons were criminal aliens, legal and illegal, convicted of crimes committed in the United States.  Clearly, screening out criminal immigrants is a low priority within federal immigration policy.

Since the financial crash of September 2008, the federal government has continued to admit over a million legal immigrants each year.  Clearly, protecting the interests of American workers during a period of high unemployment has been a low priority for Congress.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, over half of American households headed by legal or illegal immigrants receive some form of public assistance.  Clearly, Congress has failed to protect the taxpayers from the burdens indigent immigrants have placed on them.

During nation-wide pro-amnesty rallies in 2006, American citizens were treated to news photos of innumerable masses of demonstrators marching the streets of American cities waving foreign flags.  Clearly, those flag wavers did not represent just another wave of immigrants wanting to be Americans, but an un-American subculture in which our federal government has been fully complicit.

Where the federal government has failed, the states have a right to step in.  Arizona’s border with Mexico is about 375 miles long.  The state should devote sufficient law enforcement resources to stop the flow of border jumpers.

The state should conduct random checks of employers to determine the legality of documents employees used to prove eligibility for work.  Those guilty of forgery or identity theft should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Under Arizona’s Employer Sanctions Law, the state should also prosecute employers who fail to exercise due diligence in checking employee documents.

Although limited by the federal courts, SB1070 still empowers local law enforcement to apprehend illegal aliens.  Arresting, photographing, finger printing, and detaining illegal aliens–even if only for a few days–would provide a substantial deterrent.

The goal of the Arizona Legislature should be to make our state the last state in the Union in which illegal aliens would choose to reside.  If elected in 2016, I will do everything legally and morally in my power to make that a reality.

Paid for by John Lyon for Arizona State Senate


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