Masters of Deceit

In 1959, J. Edgar Hoover published a fine book titled Masters of Deceit on the subject of communists’ use of deception in carrying out their subversive goals in America.  Hoover thought the American people should be warned of the propensity of communist propagandists to deceive them, and of their highly sophisticated skills for doing so.

Communist propagandists have published an ocean of disinformation in the American market place of ideas over the last 80 years.  The American people should be aware that communists are notoriously unreliable sources of information.  They seldom tell the truth, and on the rare occasions that they do, they usually have an ulterior motive, and are holding back important information in an effort to create a false impression.

There are many examples of communist deceit at work in America.  During and after World War II, communist propagandists in America’s governmental, academic, and journalistic institutions worked hard to put Mao Tse Tung in a positive light, while aggressively disparaging the anti-communist Chang Kai Shek.  Commentators explained to the American people that Mao was not a communist at all, but an agrarian reformer, a Chinese George Washington.  On the other hand, Mao’s chief rival, Chiang, was a very corrupt man, whose wife had 300 pairs of shoes while all too many of her countrymen had none.

The Truman administration abandoned Chiang.  Deaths in Red China since Chiang and the nationalists fled to Taiwan in 1949 have exceeded 60 million so far.  The rise to power of the communists in China has been, by far, the greatest single calamity in human history.  America lost over 100,000 service people in Korea and Vietnam, wars that would not have been fought if Chiang had prevailed in the Chinese civil war.  These deaths would have been avoided if the American people had detected communist lies and half truths for what they were.

The American people must become aware of how highly sophisticated communist propaganda efforts are in America, learn to detect them, and counter them with truth.  Otherwise, if things continue as they have over the last half century and more, America will soon cease to exist as a free nation.